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Sitka is world famous for its charm, its historical and cultural attractions, and its spectacular setting. SEAtrails provides an ideal way for visitors to experience the best of all these elements ranging from the coast (via scuba and snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, hiking, and camping), through alpine meadows, and up to surrounding mountain tops. Sitka also offers a great place for hikers of different ability levels, ranging from easy to difficult.

Besides the Totem Park SEAtrail, Sitka has many other local cultural and historic places to explore including Castle Hill, Old Sitka, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Russian Bishop’s House, Sheldon Jackson Museum, Russian Cemetery, the Pioneer Home and the Isabel Miller Museum.


Historic and scenic Sitka is situated on the west coast of Baranof Island, approximately 100 air miles SW of Juneau. To the west is the North Pacific Ocean and to its back is the wild Tongass National Forest. The home of Tlingit Indians for thousands of years, the original capital of Russian America and the site of the transfer of Alaska to the US, Sitka offers a combination of Native culture, Russian history, and Alaskan wilderness which provides a diverse and unequaled experience.

The mild climate, rich habitat and low human population make Sitka one of the best places to view wildlife. Local waters are a popular feeding ground for humpback whales and other marine mammals throughout most of the year. In addition, summertime provides an opportunity to view tufted puffins and other sea birds at St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge. The Sitka area is also well endowed with brown bears, Sitka black tail deer and other land mammals as well as eagles and world class salmon and halibut populations.

The area has well marked trails as well as endless possibilities for marine-based activities.


Sitka enjoys daily jet service, provided by Alaska Airlines, from hubs such as Anchorage, Ketchikan, Juneau (96 miles away) and Seattle. Alaska’s Marine Highway System provides regular year-round ferry service for passengers and vehicles. Sitka is a hub for single and dual-engine aircraft service to other nearby communities. Sitka is also a popular port of call for many cruise lines that sail the Inside Passage. Flexible transportation options include charters (both air and water) and taxis (both land and water).


Sitka is a full service SEAtrails community with a multitude of choices in accommodations, camping, outdoor gear rentals, food and amenities, and local transportation.


January temperatures range from 23 to 35; summers vary from 50 to 70. Average annual precipitation is 96 inches, including 39 inches of snowfall.

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