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Sunshine Cove Underwater Trail


Scuba diving


Though some distance north of downtown and the ferry terminal, Sunshine Cove provides easy access to an interesting dive site with a variety of wildlife. Divers of any skill level will enjoy the diversity of diving here. The reefs are loaded with nudibranches and crab hunting is great. Benjamin Island (a major sealion haulout) is the next island away, so don’t be surprised if you’re visited during your dive. This is a beautiful cove surrounded by high, rocky cliffs and is also a popular camping spot. Access is by a steep trail, so be prepared for a bit of a hike. There is a grassy area above the beach for dressing out. Since this is a remote area, double check your gear and supplies and plan to spend the day.


down to 90 feet


Watch for tide changes and swift currents further out

Starting Point:

Drive over 30 miles north of Juneau, just past the end of pavement and winter road maintenance; no trailhead marker. Park just beyond that in a long turn-out along the waterside of the highway and a steep slope to the beach on the other side of a guard rail. It is a wide cove with a small island at the edge of it.