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While in Pelican experience Takanis Lake Trail and Tsunami Trail SEAtrails; Pelican is considered the gateway community to the West Chichagof and Yakobi Island Wilderness Area.

Cultural events include the Boardwalk Boogie (early May); Fourth of July and the Pelican Culture Camp. Other attractions include the Pelican Visitor Association’s annual King Salmon Derby. Other activities include: salmon and halibut fishing; hiking; hunting; kayaking; wildlife viewing; and the USFS cabins at White Sulfur Springs, Goulding Lakes, and Greentop are destinations for visitors.


Pelican is located on the northwest coast of Chichagof Island on Lisianski Inlet. It lies 80 miles north of Sitka and 70 miles west of Juneau. Most of the community is built on pilings over the tidelands. Pelican is a mixture of commercial fishing industry and tourism due to its history as a commercial fish-processing site since 1938.

Pelican is nestled by a 22-mile fjord with 3,000-foot mountains bordering Lisianski Inlet, and is a boardwalk community with its road system being primarily a ten-foot wide boardwalk stretching along the inlet for more than a mile. There are homes and businesses on both sides of the boardwalks built on pilings.


Pelican can be reached by ferry through Alaska’s Marine Highway System on a limited basis. The ferry provides two monthly departures on Sundays during the summer and one monthly departure during winter. There are daily scheduled air taxi services are available from Alaska Seaplane Service (Juneau). Charter flight service is available from: Ward Air (Juneau), Tal Air (Juneau), Air Sitka (Sitka) and Harris Aviation (Sitka).


Pelican has several lodging options, two taverns, fuel dock for fuel needs, seaplane float, U.S. Post Office, and the Pelican Public Library. Choices for food, groceries and local transportation are limited. Pelican has several fish charter and outfitter guide businesses. Pelican does not have its own police department but has volunteer Fire/Rescue and Volunteer Fire & EMS. The Pelican Health Center can be contacted for medical services.


Pelican has a maritime climate characterized by cool summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures range from 51 to 62 degrees and winter temperatures range from 21 to 39 degrees. Annual precipitation is 127 inches, including 120 inches of snow. During the winter months, fog, winds and high seas can limit access.

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For more information on Pelican, contact the City of Pelican or visit the Pelican Visitor Association’s website.

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