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While in Naukati experience Sarkar Canoe Route and Deweyville Trail SEAtrails. Explore caves and water falls, fishing, and canoeing. Join us for the Skunk Cabbage Festival (July 4th) with its parade, potluck picnic, fireworks, and dancing at the Community Beachside Park.


Naukati is a small community of 135 people located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Naukati was named “Naukatee Bay” in 1904 by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, who recorded it as the local Indian name. Initially a logging camp it was later was settled as a Department of Natural Resources land disposal site. Naukati Bay is located within the Tongass National Forest and the Thorne Bay Ranger District located in Thorne Bay at 1312 Federal Way, Sandy Beach Road.

Naukati residents are a mixture of long time island residents and recent homesteaders. Employment is seasonal and varied, including tourism, commercial fishing, and some small forest product manufacturing. A growing industry in the Naukati area is oyster farming, and the community of Naukati Bay operates one of the only oyster spat nurseries in the state.


Prince of Wales Island is accessible via the Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA)’s daily service from Ketchikan. Travelers on Alaska’s Marine Highway System (AMHS) simply need to transfer at the docks in Ketchikan and purchase a separate ticket. The IFA ferry takes passengers to the Island community of Hollis, which is 82 miles from Coffman Cove on the Prince of Wales Island road system. Visitors can bring their own vehicles to Prince of Wales on the ferry, or there are car rental services on the Island. Contact the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce (POWCC) for more information.

Currently there is no public transportation system on Prince of Wales, but a private shuttle company meets each ferry and offers transportation to the City of Craig. If you do not have your own transportation, arrangements SHOULD BE MADE AHEAD OF TIME!

Alaska Airlines services the community of Ketchikan and from there it is possible to connect with a small air carrier to Prince of Wales. There are several air carriers that offer services to the island communities. Each community has regular air service, but some communities only have once a week service. The following air taxi companies offer regular or charter float plane service to Naukati:

Additionally LAB Air offers wheeled plane service to the airstrip in Klawock from the Ketchikan Airport.


The community of Naukati has limited services. Lodging is available at a fish camp, cabins, and a bunkhouse. There are no restaurants. Other services found in Naukati are boat repair, fuel, diesel and propane, groceries, hardware, laundromat, Post Office, boat launch and mooring, public restrooms and telephone, school, and auto and tire repair. Sale of alcohol is restricted to the local package store.


The climate for Naukati Bay is cool and moist. Rain is common with July being the driest and November the wettest month of the year. Average annual precipitation is 120 inches, including 20 inches of snow. Average winter temperature is 30’s to low 50’s while the average summer temperature is high 50’s to high 70’s.

Local Contacts

For information about Naukati, contact the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce at PO Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925-0490, phone (907-755-2626).

A Guide to Prince of Wales Island is also available by emailing that provides information about all 11 communities on Prince of Wales Island, basic road map, services available, trail info, business directory, lodging & charter charts, harbor info, and more.


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