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Deer Mountain and Silvas Lake Trail


Hiking, multi-day hiking


Hikers and campers enjoy this gravel and natural dirt trail that starts in an old growth forest and switchbacks into high alpine country. Wildlife viewing of Sitka black-tail deer, mountain goats, black bears, and ptarmigan are frequent. A Forest Service cabin 2.5 miles from the trailhead is available for rent. The trail originally provided access to a ski hut in the 1930s on the upper flank of the mountain.


9.9 miles one way


3350 feet elevation gain



Starting Point:

For access from the city center, walk or drive up Ketchikan Lakes Road for 1/2 mile to the landfill street junction. Turn left and the parking area is towards the mountain, 100 feet northeast of the junction. The trailhead at the other end of the trail is 12 miles south of Ketchikan at the end of South Tongass Highway. Visitors are allowed to park within the Beaver Falls Powerhouse administrative site.