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First Dog / Second Dog Mountain Bike Trails

Coffman Cove:

The small size of the community and slow traffic speeds makes Coffman Cove a bicycle friendly community, despite not having bicycle lanes or paved shoulders. The community is located 78 miles from the Inter-Island Ferry terminal in Hollis with sailings from Ketchikan. The roadway has recently been upgraded from gravel to paved and makes a good cycling route however large fast moving vehicles and logging trucks also use the road. Use caution.

Coffman Cove does not have any dedicated or related bicycle facilities or services in the community. The nearest community providing limited and basic cycling related service/products can be found in Thorne Bay 55 miles to the south. Bayview Fuel & Tire Station at 1221 Shoreline Drive; (907) 828-3345 provides basic service for cyclists. Craig approximately 60 miles to the south also provides limited and basic cycling services. Craig is also 32 miles from the Hollis Inter-Island Ferry Terminal. See Craig and the Graveyard Island Trail for services in Craig. Interpretive information can be found at the USDA Forest Service’s Thorne Bay Ranger District Office, 1312 Federal Way, Thorne Bay; (907) 828-3304. The nearest communities providing full cycling services are Ketchikan and Wrangell.


The First Dog / Second Dog Mountain Bike Trails are located one mile south from Coffman Cove on the Coffman Cove Road (Forest Service Road #30). The trails are series of old gravel logging roads which go up the Dog Creek drainage system. The trails/roads are numbered 3030-300, 30303-320, 3030-400 and 3030-420. These trails are for mountain bikes or other large tired bicycles. The trails are comprised of a series of one-way trail segments that provide a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities and spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains and waterways.


Mountain biking

Intrinsic Qualities:

Scenery, Natural Features


10 miles total trip; multiple one-way segments of 2-3 miles


Trails start at 200 feet and range in elevation from 500 feet to 1,200 feet.


Level: Challenging

This is a series of steep and winding old gravel logging roads with some obstacles and hazards. This route is also popular with local off-road vehicle users. Be prepared to share the trail and encounter some motorized use.

Starting Point:

The mountain bike trails begin about 1 mile south from downtown Coffman Cove off Coffman Cove Road (FSR 30). The trails start on road numbers 3030-300 and 3030-400.

Google Earth File:

Click HERE to download a Google Earth file of the bicycle route. To view profile in Google Earth, right-click on the route in the ‘Places’ window and choose ‘Show Elevation Profile.’ Note: Trail route is approximate. Also, the imagery that Google uses is slightly shifted.


HERE is the official National Weather Service forecast for the trail location.