SEAtrails stands for Southeast Alaska Trail System.  It is important to remember that SEAtrails is not limited to traditional trails.  Elements of SEAtrails may be on the land or sea – or even under the surface of the ocean!  The vision is of a network of hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, cultural, dive and other features sprinkled throughout Southeast Alaska and connected by Alaska’s Marine Highway ferry system. 

As you can see by the map below, Southeast Alaska is a collection of islands along a section of the coast. Each community is very isolated – so they can offer a considerable variety of experiences.  Without roads connecting the communities transportation is a huge concern of many residents and visitors. 

The individuals below are members of the
Steering Committee of SEAtrails.

If you are interested in SEAtrails feel free
to contact any of us for more information.

A SEAtrails meeting in Juneau.


Victoria Merritt (907)826-2575 Craig
Elaine Price (907)329-2233 Coffman Cove
Frankie Pillifant (907)586-1453 Juneau
Kathie Wasserman (907)735-2202 Pelican
Ryan McFarland (907)772-4224 Petersburg
Davey Lubin (907)747-6481 Sitka - TRAAK Board Member
Marie Oboczky (907)874-2549 Wrangell
Aneta Synan (907)465-8769 Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
Odin Brudie (907)465-5466 Alaska Department of Community & Economic Development
Amber Guy (907)364-2427 Juneau & Petersburg
Jack Mosby (907)333-4442 Anchorage - TRAAK Board Member
William Garry (907)465-4563 Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Lynn Kolund (907)228-6262 USDA - Forest Service


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