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Wrangell Island Circuit




60 miles


No elevation gain


Weather/tide issues (13-15 feet tide change)

Starting Point:

Leave Wrangell at Wrangell Harbor or at the City Boat Ramp down Zimovia Highway about 2 miles. Head along the coast of Wrangell Island east into Zimovia Straight. A good place to stop in this area is Turn Island Beach Campsite. From there a good stop for camping could be Southeast cove (about 8 miles from Turn Island). From there you can go north up Fools Inlet, but beware of bears. You can cross Ernest Sound a little past the Fools Inlet mouth and get out at the Anan Bay Cabin located in the Anan Wildlife Observatory. This requires a long open water crossing with consideration given to windy conditions. Cross back over toward Wrangell Island and head into the Blake Channel. Heading straight north, you’ll run into Neptune Island. Behind Neptune Island is Berg Bay and there is the Berg Bay cabin available. After exiting Berg Bay, head east through the Narrows into the Easter Passage. Just as you exit the Narrows, you can land at the Earl West Cove Campsite and Landing. From there it is about a 15 mile paddle back to the Wrangell Boat Harbor.