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Channel Islands Paddle Route




This one-way or loop water trail can be used as a day paddle or a multi-day camping trip through the Channel Islands; scenic views and wildlife encounters are frequent along this moderately difficult route. This paddle allows for much flexibility. Within the ten mile stretch from Amalga Harbor or Eagle Beach to Auke Bay there are opportunities to get on and off the “trail.” People can choose to explore the whole trail or one or more portions of it in two to three mile increments. This trail includes a variety of island ecosystems, camping opportunities, cultural experiences and areas to take out and put in. There are distant views of the Chilkat Range and Herbert and Eagle Glaciers.


Up to 10 miles


No elevation gain


Watch tides/coastline (general water safety)

Starting Point:

Begin at Alaska Marine Highway System Auke Bay ferry terminal or Auke Bay and paddle north. Alternatively, transport kayaks to Eagle Beach and paddle south.