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Skagway to Haines Kayak Route




This route for experienced paddlers connects Haines with Skagway; 6,000 foot mountains line the route along northern Lynn Canal where wildlife, hanging glaciers and waterfalls abound. Marine wildlife encounters such as whales, seals, sea lions, bald eagles and nests, waterfowl and porpoise are tremendous especially in the summer. The trail follows the east side of the Taiya Inlet to Sawmill Creek before crossing the Canal to Taiya Point and then across Lutak Inlet and ends at the Haines Small Boat Harbor. There are six safe anchorages along the east side and three along the west side. There is good camping at Taiyasanka Harbor at the mouth of the Ferebee Valley. This stretch of water is notoriously windy and choppy and the weather can change quickly and without warning.


14 miles one way


400 feet elevation gain


Difficult – advanced kayak experience necessary. It is very important to check the weather conditions and be prepared for foul weather before heading off.