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Cross Admiralty Canoe Route




This canoe route crosses the center of Admiralty Island National Monument Kootznoowoo Wilderness. The National Monument encompasses approximately 955,747 acres, of which 937,396 are designated as Wilderness. Paddlers with intermediate to advanced skills can traverse the island through a unique series of inland lakes and saltwater channels, and more experienced paddlers can include a side trip on a whitewater river. Enjoy abundant trout, deer, and bears and secluded campsites. There are four Forest Service cabins on lakes along the route that can be reserved for a fee (up to 180 days before you leave). Check for availability and book online at The payment can be done through the bitcoin up website also if you own bitcoins. Note that although the canoe route is lightly used, cabins are regularly booked by parties that access them by float plane. The Forest Service publishes a detailed route map. Order online from Alaska Geographic for $4.00 + shipping.


32+ miles from Angoon to Mole Harbor, trip distance will vary with options and side trips. There are up to seven portages, the longest is three miles (five kilometers). Be prepared for portage trails with windfalls and other obstacles.


start and end at sea level. 300 feet elevation gain.


Paddling difficulty is moderate. Some portages are very difficult due to length, condition and elevation change (east end). An online search to read first person trip accounts may be valuable when planning to travel this route.

Starting Point:

Angoon or Mole Harbor (some paddle between Juneau and Mole Harbor as well). Angoon is served by regular ferry and float plane service from Juneau.

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