Partners in Stewardship

Thursday, November 20, 2003

SEAtrails Board members presented at the Partners In Stewardship conference in Los Angeles from November 17th-20th 2003.

Title: 082 – Southeast Alaska Trail System (SEAtrails): a Regional Community-led Partnership

Presenters: Odin Brudie (Tourism Planner, Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development); Frankie Pillifant (Vice Chair, SEAtrails Board of Directors – Juneau); Buckwheat Donahue (SEAtrails Board of Directors – Skagway); Lynn Kolund (Recreation Planner, USDA Forest Service – Tongass National Forest); Davey Lubin (Chair, SEAtrails Board – Sitka)

Description: Sixteen Southeast Alaska communities have banded together to ensure that the system of trails and cultural itineraries that spans the region is recognized as a world class resource for residents and visitors. The communities are gateways to these experiences and need the land managers and the local businesses on board to make this happen. This unique partnership is featured at

Topic Area: Tourism

Gustavus passes supporting resolution

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Read the Gustavus SEAtrails resolution.

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