SEAtrails holds first meeting as a non-profit organization

Monday, March 10, 2003

A slate of candidates was advanced by the Steering Committee to make up the founding Board of Directors for SEAtrails. The nominees accepted the appointments (Frankie Pillifant by phone) with the following staggered terms. All Steering Committee members present approved the board appointments. Jack Mosby moved, Buckwheat seconded the motion to appoint the board as follows. All present were in favor.

Davey Lubin, Sitka 2 years
Buckwheat Donahue, Skagway 1 year
Amber Guy, Douglas 2 years
Frankie Pillifant, Juneau 3 years
Elaine Price, Coffman Cove 1 year
Ryan “Zieak” McFarland, Petersburg 1 year
Kathie Wasserman, Pelican 3 years
Jack Mosby (at Large), Anchorage 3 years
Karen Peterson, Thorne Bay 2 years

Elaine Price moved, Karen Petersen seconded the motion, to nominate Davey Lubin for Board Chairperson, all in favor.

Davey Lubin moved, Amber Guy seconded the motion to nominate Frankie Pillifant for Board Vice Chairperson, all in favor.

Davey Lubin moved, Elaine Price seconded the motion to nominate Amber Guy for Board Secretary/Treasurer, all in favor.



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