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Mount Riley Trail


Hiking, winter use


This trio of hiking trails is moderate and scenically rich; passing through forest and muskeg they meet near the summit with views of Chilkat Peninsula, the city of Haines, and Davidson Glacier.


Depending on route, one-way 2.8 – 4 miles


1300 – 1760 feet elevation gain



Trip Highlights:

This trio of hiking trails is moderate and scenically rich; they pass through forest and muskeg before meeting near the summit with views of the Chilkat Peninsula, City of Haines, and Davidson Glacier.

Trail Details:

There are three trailheads. (1) Via Mud Bay is shortest most direct route. Turn south along 3rd Avenue, behind Ft. Seward, and follow Mud Bay Road for almost 3 miles. Parking and trailhead are marked prominently, with parking on the right (west) side of road, and trailhead beginning on top of bank opposite.

(2) Via Lily Lake: Take FAA Road behind "Officers’ Row" in Ft. Seward and follow it to its end, about 1 mile. Turn right shortly before city dump is reached and walk along the city water supply access route. A short 5-minute spur trail branching off to the right a few hundred yards before reaching Lily Lake connects with the Mud Bay route.

(3) From Portage Cove: Follow Beach Road south around Portage Cove and up a hill to the end of the road (0.7 miles from cove, 1.5 miles from Portage Cove Dock). Follow Battery Point Trail for about 0.7 mile until reaching Mt. Riley Trailhead junction. Battery Point trail continues left to a beach; trail to right climbs 3.3 miles to converge with Mud Bay Trail at approx. 1700′ elevation, and thence a short walk to summit.


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