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Sunnahae Trail




This short, steep and slippery hiking trail follows a stream to Sunnahae Peak, providing spectacular views, wildlife sightings, berries and wildflowers.


2 miles one-way


2500 feet gain in elevation



Important Note:

This trail was constructed in the 1980s with steep stairs, logs notched with steps, and wooden bridges. It has not been maintained and infrastructure is in poor shape. A land trade will put this trail under Forest Service ownership around December 2009. When title changes, the trail will be officially closed and some collapsed bridges removed. The Forest Service is seeking funding to rebuild the trail. Contact the Craig Ranger District at 907-828-3271 for more information.

Starting Point:

The trailhead to the Sunnahae Mountain is located on the pedestrian and bicycle trail near the new high school. There is an unsigned off road parking area and the trailhead is within easy walking distance of the schools.

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