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Salt Chuck Mine Trail


Hiking, cultural/historical


For most of the way this trail follows closely the banks of Ellen Creek. It passes the historic site of the old Salt Chuck mine with extensive ruins including a number of shacks, a collapsed refinery, a home, a barge, and numerous pieces of machinery. The collapsed buildings are in extremely hazardous condition. Please exercise extreme care when looking around and do not climb on them.


1 mile one-way


No elevation gain


The trail is rated more difficult due to deep mud, downed logs and overgrown underbrush

Starting Point:

Trailhead accessed by following road 2030-970 just east of the Goose Creek bridge, approximately 15 miles from Thorne Bay, to a parking area just south of Lake No. 3. Salt Chuck Trail (#786) is 1 mile long and begins in an old clear-cut at the edge of the gravel.

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