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Russell Fiord Trail

Photo courtesy of Mike Denega



Intrinsic Quality:

Natural Features


This is a unique trail that provides access to geological features and natural features created by glacial activity. The trail travels through muskeg and spruce forest ecosystems before rising over a glacial moraine and descending into Russell Fiord. This area highlights glacial activity which has and continues to shape the region. Near the end of the trail, the trail goes over the terminal moraine left during the last ice age. On the Russell Fiord side of the trail, the shoreline is surrounded by a ring of dead trees as the result of glacial damming of the fjord by the Hubbard Glacier in 1986 and 2002. The damming of the water resulted in an 80 foot rise of the water line in the fjord during the 1986 event and a 40 foot rise during 2002.


0.75 miles one-way (plus additional shoreline hiking if desired)


100 foot elevation gain


Some low-lying areas are prone to flooding, depending on ground saturation and precipitation. This trail is in prime moose and bear habitat.

Starting Point:

From Yakutat, drive Forest Highway #10 (Dangerous River Road) east towards Harlequin Lake approximately 11.5 miles. Turn left on East Gate Road and follow East Gate Road 4.0 miles to the trailhead located at the end of the road.