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Mountain Lake Trail

Photo courtesy of Mike Denega


Hiking, multi-day

Intrinsic Quality:

Recreation and Natural Features


This trail is unique as it lies entirely within the Russell Fiord Wilderness Area. The trail provides access to the Brabazon Mountains and outstanding recreation opportunities. Hikers will walk through old growth Sitka spruce forests, a riparian gallery of mountain streams and numerous small lakes, and follow cascading streams that flow out of Mountain Lake. The trail provides access to excellent sport fishing opportunities as well as possible encounters with bears and moose. The trailhead is located at the terminus of the Situk Lake trail and the trail begins 3.1 miles up the Situk Lake trail at the Forest Service’s Situk Lake cabin.


2.0 miles one-way (plus 3.1 miles Situk Lake trail one-way)


Less than 100 foot elevation gain


Some low-lying areas are prone to flooding, depending on ground saturation and precipitation. This trail is in prime moose and bear habitat.

Starting Point:

From Yakutat, drive Forest Highway #10 (Dangerous River Road) east towards Harlequin Lake approximately 11.5 miles. Turn left on East Gate Road and follow East Gate Road 3.5 miles. Turn left (only left turn on East Gate Road) and drive 3.0 miles. The road will terminate at the Situk Lake Trail trailhead. Hike 3.1 miles up the Situk Lake Trail to the cabin and the starting point of the Mountain Lake Trail.