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Juneau is a larger bicycle friendly community, having good connecting bicycle lanes and paved shoulders throughout the community. In 2008 Juneau received the bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community designation from the League of American Bicyclists. The Juneau terminal of the Alaska’s Marine Highway is located fourteen miles north of town and Perseverance Trail and is linked by a bike route that includes paved bike lanes or widened paved shoulders. The bike route follows Glacier Highway rather than the more direct route of Egan Drive on which pedestrians and cyclists are prohibited.

Juneau has good cycling services and is served by two bike shops. Cycle Alaska is a full service shop offering bicycle repair, new and used bicycles for sale, and rentals. They also offer several guided bicycle tours throughout the community and information on self-guided tours. They are located downtown at 1107 West 8th Street, (907) 780-2253, Juneau is also served by Play It Again Sports featuring bicycle repair, and new and used bicycles for sale. They are located at 1731 Ralph’s Way, Suite #103, (907) 780-7427, Both shops are located on or within close proximity to bike routes linking the ferry terminal and airport to Perseverance Trail. Juneau also has numerous auto service stations that can provide a basic level of service. There are no cycling services on Perseverance Trail. Bicycle racks are located throughout the community and can be found at local destinations including super markets, the ferry terminal, libraries, recreation facilities, and government offices. Capital Transit (public bus system) has bike racks on their buses.


Perseverance Trail starts from historic downtown Juneau on Basin Road near the Last Chance Mining Museum, and the trail is the main access to destinations including Mt. Juneau, Red Mill, Granite Creek, Glory Hole and Mine Camp Ruins. Considered by some to be the first road in Alaska, this trail was originally constructed in 1889 as a road to Last Chance Basin and eventually Silverbow Basin; it was known as the “Gold Canyon Trail.” Today, the broad gravel trail is very popular with locals and visitors who can walk side-by-side up through a narrow valley with rugged mountains on both sides. Along the way, many relics of the gold mining era can be seen ranging from water wheels, to foundations, old mill ruins, and deep open pits. These relics are intermixed with a diversity of vegetation, waterfalls, snow slide gulches, majestic views, wildflowers and bird watching opportunities. Highlights include passing Snowslide Gulch over look, Ebner Falls, old growth rainforest, subalpine, Gold Creek and Granite Creek before you get to the Big Glory Hole, a 700-1000′ vertical drop.


Mountain biking with hiking and winter use

Intrinsic Qualities:

Scenery, Historic


3.5 miles one-way


1000 feet elevation gain


Moderate to difficult due to step climbs and some areas being exposed with steep slopes and drop-offs. This is a popular trail with a variety of users and dog-walkers. There are several blind corners, use caution, especially when coming down. Some areas may have loose rocks, minor rock slides, or water flowing over the trail. For mountain bikes and large tired bicycles.

Starting Point:

From the Juneau terminal of the Alaska Marine Highway (14 miles) or airport (9 miles) take the Glacier Highway bike route to downtown Juneau. Capital Transit runs from the airport to downtown but does not provide service to or from the ferry terminal. Once downtown go up Gold Street (steep hill) to Basin Road and follow basin Road to the end (1.5 miles) where the Perseverance trailhead is located.

The Perseverance Trail Guide is available at the City Museum for a nominal fee. The 19-page booklet gives a history of the mining in the area along with photos, a map and information on birds and wildflowers that can be seen along the trail. Adjacent to the trailhead is the Last Chance Mining Museum which charges a small fee and has restrooms and interpretive displays about the history of Perseverance Trail and its mining history. There are numerous museums, visitor centers and interpretive facilities located throughout Juneau including at the airport, ferry terminal, City and State museums, Forest Service District Office and Visitor Center, and several city run visitor centers.

Google Earth File:

Click HERE to download a Google Earth file of the bicycle route. To view profile in Google Earth, right-click on the route in the ‘Places’ window and choose ‘Show Elevation Profile.’ Note: Trail route is approximate. Also, the imagery that Google uses is slightly shifted.


HERE is the official National Weather Service forecast for the trail starting location. To view the current FAA webcam image from the Juneau Airport (Pedersen Hill), click HERE.