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While in Craig experience SEAtrails; totem poles; biking; hiking/walking; canoeing and kayaking; cross country skiing; fishing; diving; hiking; Prince of Wales Marathon; 4th of July Celebration; river, coastal/shoreline, muskeg, and forest environments.


Craig is a small community with approximately 1,200 residents. Craig is situated on the main paved highway 30 miles west of the IFA’s ferry terminal at Hollis. Incorporated in 1922, Craig is the largest city on Prince of Wales. Craig is located in the Tongass National Forest and is the home of the Craig Ranger District, located at 900 9th Street, Craig Alaska.

The Tlingit and Haida peoples have historically utilized the area around Craig for its rich resources. With the help of local Haidas, a fish saltery was built on nearby Fish Egg Island in 1907 by Craig Miller.


Prince of Wales Island is accessible by ferry and small plane from Ketchikan. You can get to Ketchikan with Alaska Airlines or the Alaska Marine Highway.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA) offers daily service for passengers and vehicles between Ketchikan (departing from the Alaska Marine Highway terminal) and Hollis. The IFA terminal is 30 miles from Craig on paved roads. The ferry ride is three hours.

There is no public transportation system on Prince of Wales. Visitors can bring their own vehicles to Prince of Wales on the ferry. There are vehicle rental services on the Island. A private shuttle company meets the ferry and offers transportation to the City of Craig. If you do not have your own vehicle, transportation arrangements SHOULD BE MADE AHEAD OF TIME! Contact the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce (POWCC), or the City of Craig for more information.

There are several air carriers that offer services to the island communities. Each community has regular air service, but some communities only have once a week service. The following air taxi companies offer regular or charter float plane service to Craig:

Additionally LAB Air offers wheeled plane service to the airstrip in Klawock from the Ketchikan Airport.


Craig is a full service community with many visitor amenities. There are choices of lodges, motels, bed and breakfasts, several RV parks, car rentals, a pharmacy, gas services, mechanical services, restaurants, and charter tour companies. This is also the location of one of the two island clinics staffed with a physician, the Craig Clinic.


Prince of Wales Island is dominated by a cool, moist, maritime climate. Summer temperatures range from 49 to 63; winter temperatures range from 32 to 42. Average annual precipitation is 120 inches, including 20 inches of snow. Gale winds are common in the fall and winter months.

Local Contacts

For information about Craig, contact the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce at PO Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925-0490, or 907-755-2626, or online at Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce.

A Guide to Prince of Wales Island is available by emailing and provides information about all 11 communities on Prince of Wales Island, basic road map, services available, trail info, business directory, lodging & charter charts, harbor info, and more. For additional information, contact the City of Craig at P.O. Box 725, Craig, AK 99921 or (907-826-3275).


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