History & Mission

What We’ve Accomplished

Current Projects

  • Creating and implementing a business and marketing plan
  • Administering a second round of community grants
  • Updating the SEAtrails regional map and website
  • Developing community maps of each community’s SEAtrails through a Scenic Byways Grant
  • Increasing promotional efforts with our partners and businesses
  • Building capacity and support by networking with communities, businesses, individuals and other agencies

Past Accomplishments

  • Passed resolutions of support with 19 member communities; multiple local government, tribal, state and federal agencies are participating
  • Awarded $120,000 in SEAtrails grants to 10 communities for trail projects, maps and signs
  • Secured $1 million in Public Lands Highway Discretionary (PLHD) funding from Congress for trail projects, planning and marketing
  • Incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity
  • Conducted trail inventories and assessments in partner communities
  • Produced and distributed the SEAtrails Trails and Transportation Master Plan (TTMP)
  • Produced and distributed a regional index map illustrating designated SEAtrails recreation opportunities
  • Developed and implemented a fully interactive website
  • Enabled the first design and installation of a SEAtrails trailhead kiosk
  • Secured a $51,679 National Scenic Byways grant for the SEAtrails community mini-map project
  • Applied for and received grant from Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) to assist in organizational capacity building efforts
  • Secured a VISTA volunteer to help with capacity building and development
  • Showcased in two National Park Service-Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (NPS-RTCA) reports on community partnerships
  • Awarded the Partners in Stewardship 2004 Award of Excellence for Building Community Connections