Friday, July 28, 2000
Organizational meeting
•Established Mission: To facilitate planning, construction, and maintenance of a regional Southeast Alaska trail system which will enhance economic development, quality of life, and transportation.

•Participants in Sitka: Davey Lubin, TRAAK Board, Sitka Frank Wasmer, Skagway Parks and Recreation Department; Victoria Merritt, Craig Parks and Recreation Department; Michelle Blackwell, Southeast Alaska Tourism Council in Sitka; Jack Mosby, National Park Service; Ron Grimm, Sitka Trail Works; George Capacci, Alaska Marine Highway System; Annemarie LaPalmer, Forest Service in Sitka; Arn Albrecht, Forest Service; Barnaby Dow, Sitka Parks and Recreation; Marti Marshall, Forest Service; Ryan McFarland, Petersburg Parks and Recreation; Scott Colley of Sitka; Frankie Pillifant of Juneau; Woody Widmark, Sitka Tribe of Alaska; Nita Nettleton, Juneau Trail Mix; Lisa Holzapfel, Mental Health Trust Land Office; Alroy DeAngelis, Ketchikan Trails Coalition; Odin Brudie, Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development; Kathie Wasserman, Mayor of Pelican; Kieth Appleman, Forest Service in Wrangell; Marlene Zuboff, Angoon Community Association; Walter Jackson of Angoon; Lisa Bush, Sitka Trail Works; Barth Hamberg, Sitka Trail Works and Forest Service.

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