History & Mission

Mission: What We Do

SEAtrails, Southeast Alaska Trail System, is a non-profit group devoted to a community-focused trail system that encompasses Southeast Alaska.

Our mission is to facilitate planning, promotion, maintenance and construction of a region-wide, Southeast Alaska trail system that will stimulate economic development, enhance quality of life, and improve transportation.

What does this mean?

  • We develop, distribute and maintain maps, signage and comprehensive information about hiking, biking, paddling, and SCUBA diving throughout this region of the Last Frontier.
  • We work with communities, agencies, partners and local trail groups such as Sitka Trail Works, Juneau Trail Mix, Ketchikan Outdoor Recreation and Trails Coalition to improve the trail systems and infrastructure.
  • We work with a network of partners to generate more opportunities for local businesses such as outfitters, guides, bed and breakfasts and other service providers.
  • We work with travel providers on offering easy and dependable travel connections to make independent adventure travel to SEAtrails destinations in Southeast viable.

Equipped with SEAtrails information, visitors and residents alike can discover easy and enjoyable ways to experience Alaska's great outdoors. You will discover why It's THE Journey.